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Updated: May 19, 2018

This Continent has it all!!

We recently toured up the coast to Mozambique as far as Vilanculos stopping in Ponta do Ouro , Inhembane and finally Massinga Beach.

The journey was about a 2000 Kilometers Trip, encompassing Maputo which was accessible by a combination of tar and dirt roads, accessible by 4X4 Vehicle and a ferry trip across Maputo Harbour.

Accommodation was in luxury lodges as we were scouting the area for our clients and only the best will do.

Even after a three hour trip along a sand road, accessible only in low range 4X4, we found some incredible Gems.

Our destination in Vilanculos involved parking our vehicle and catching the motor launch, which took us across the Peninsula to Dugong Lodge,the tide was low and it took two hours of navigating sandbanks, watching Dolphins and turtles, as well as beautiful reef fish, skimming across the crystal clear turquoise ocean!

Once there you are spoilt for choice, scuba, fish, swim, snorkel or just lie in the hammock, watching ancient fishing dhows plying their trade across the most beautiful bay.

Food was Fish, Lobster , Calamari, Salads, freshly baked Pau (Portuguese bread) served on the open deck followed by a dip in the lagoon. Eat ,Play, Sleep, Repeat for two days, then back on the road to the next destination, each surprising and delightful in their diversity.

Please come and see this magnificent Land!!

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