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Dhows in Mozambique


The Oceans of Africa are as diverse as the landscapes.From the Icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean of the Cape, to the warm Tropical Indian Ocean of KwaZuluNatal, Mozambique and Zanzibar, the seas are home to a vast variety of Mammals and fish. Humpback and Southern Right whales migrate from the icy waters North to the Arctic from July to November, Great White Sharks travel across the continental shelf, Penguins, Seals and giant Tuna feed on a vast array of fish, Dolphins play along the shoreline , Turtles nest in Northern KZN and Mozambique from November to January, Marlin and Sailfish ply the deeper waters for prey and the ocean is alive with non stop action.

Humans spend their leisure time surfing, fishing, scuba diving, Kiteboarding, swimming with dolphins, cage diving with Great White sharks, interacting with the incredible Sealife 

we are so abundantly blessed with, in a climate which most countries can only dream about.

Ponta do Ouro Mozambique
Sourfing pointbreak Mozambique
Bait fishing Mozambique
Thonga Beach south africa
Seals Capetown South Africa
Mauritius Sea
Dhow Mozambique
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